Who owns You?

Spiritual Leader etc

Think about it

Is that person who holds possession over you dead or alive

Carrying around the pain of the past controlling you

In order to collect back those pieces of your Soul you must figure out why those people still have power over you

And you will know why

Once of course you finally admit to yourself that you are living by their standards and not your own

And in order to get that Soul piece back you will have to get rid of their influence over you once and for all

Adding this…

You may be thinking how would I know if someone is in control of me

Well…one way to know is if they control you when they are absent from your life

In any event I was taught this a very long time ago and the lesson learned has served me well

So I shall pass it along as long as you keep in mind that this lesson might take some time and practice to get it right

1. Get out your Journal or a piece of paper and list all the people who control you

And those who have influence in your life like your boss or coworker

Next to each name write how they are controlling you

Who they are to you

2. Once your list is completed close your eyes

Think about those people on your list and how they have been controlling your life and your decision making

See their faces in your mind

Strongly hold uppermost in your mind the intent in finding your missing Soul piece

3. Now this may be a bit difficult to do but with practice you will accomplish it

Because you need to have complete control over

Your thoughts
Your mind
Your visualization

With absolutely no distractions

You are going to visualize with your eyes closed tightly a fine thread of light

That will lead from you to your missing Soul piece once you locate it

Almost like a fishing line

You are there to


A Soul piece that has drifted away from you

This may be done to some Shamanic Drumming Music

The music can greatly help you to travel the distance and to keep your mind focused

4. You will find yourself in a busy place a town called Your Life

You will see many things that happened to you during your life time pass by your mind

Perhaps your first love
That new house
Job promotion
Broken arm
Surgery etc

Any such places from your past

But don’t forget to hold on very tightly to that fine thread of light

Be prepared for you might feel some trauma or you could feel great joy or a little of both

It will be a turbulent road you travel on

But don’t dwell on the pain of it all but rather rejoice in the reunion of bringing back your lost piece of your Soul

5. Amongst all those that have just crossed your path in your mind you will eventually come forward with the one who has taken from you a piece of your Soul

That someone that controls you influences you

Be strong Be alert Be brave

For as you visualize that person pull in towards you the fine thread of light

And with it bring in to yourself your piece of lost Soul

Pull that piece that belongs to you gently but with determination

As you delightfully pull in that fine thread of light you also want to destroy all psychic links to that person

Don’t be reluctant to do so for if you are the link to stop the influence and control over you will not end

Once completed you might feel exhausted so it is advisable to relax in a way that suits you best

Did you successfully retrieve your piece of Soul back to yourself

How would you know…

Well…you will feel strange for a day or 2 so expect it and be prepared for it


Maybe even feeling off or a bit upset and not really knowing why

But once all of that eases up…

You will be in a place of feeling completion

Things and People will have meaning for you

That you are now finally a whole person once again


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10 Responses to PIECES OF A SOUL

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  2. Marianne says:

    put all your pieces in God’s hands, and let Him heal you. you have my love and support.

  3. I find that when you get rid of one difficult person, another one takes their place. All geared toward our perfection, our development. So I don’t really expect constant tranquility down here.

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