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UNLOCK THE DOORS OF ONES MIND In a Mortar… 3 pinches Sesame Seeds 1 pinch Curry 1 pinch King Solomon Incense Grind them all together into a powdery substance with the Pestle đŸ”„ Turn the Timbers To this Lock Open … Continue reading

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Magic Colors

Originally posted on Kit Perriman:
Colors have always affected the human psyche.  They create atmosphere, change moods, signal danger, hide flaws, disguise predators, indicate states of mind, and relieve stress.  And because they trigger such potent reactions in people, many cultures have used them to influence,…

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Calendula Oil Solar Infusion

jinxx🍀xoxo ELEMENTALIGNMENT A solar infusion is when you place a herb into a menstruum and allow the warmth of the sun’s rays extract the plant medicine into. This can be done with oil, alcohol, vinegar, or a glycerine. Many people … Continue reading

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The Ritual of Tea

Originally posted on Honey & Wildfire Herbs:
Science of Rituals Anything that you do where you are focusing 100 percent on your present experience can be considered meditation, and it is common knowledge at this point that meditation does wonders…

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Originally posted on EarthBone Forest:
Althaea Officinalis Also, Known As: Althaea Marshmallow Mortification Root Sweetweed Found growing in abundance in moist and wet places all over the world, marshmallow is a perennial aromatic herb that is sometimes found to grow…

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