Ametrine or The Extraordinary Stone


Anima Mundi Crystals

The Ametrine or the Extraordinary stone is a crystalline quartz that unifies two quartz crystals in one, that being amethyst and citrine as you can clearly see colour delimitation of both crystals.

ametrineSpiritually the union of the eve of the amethyst and the dynamics of the citrine convert the ametrine in a “sure action” stone. Helps lists apparent contradiction and favours the intuitive success at all levels.
Subconsciously the ametrine is an optimistic energy builder powering the joy to live. Contributes to internal harmony and wellness as it acts as a protector against the energy loads which come from the exterior.

ametrine092913cMentally the ametrine harmonizes the perception and the conscious actions, gives way to a extraordinary creativity accompanied by a great energy.
Physically the ametrine possesses an energy of purifying effect on the cellular metabolism and tissues. Stimulates the activity of the vegetative nervous system and harmonizes the whole set…

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