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Watch “The Earth is my Mother(Ancient chant)” on YouTube


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Knot magic & witches Ladders.

Originally posted on The magic dandelion:
Example of knot working. By knot of ONE, the spell’s begun By knot of TWO, I shall see it through By knot of THREE, it will come to be By knot of FOUR, it’s…

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Mojave Turquoise, Mojave Stone…..what is it?

Originally posted on Native American Jewelry Tips:
What is Mojave Turquoise or Mojave Stone? I could not find a single mention of it in any of my turquoise reference books. On the internet there are some references to it spelled…

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General magick practitioner names, and titles

Originally posted on Wolf Of Antimony Occultism:
General names: Witch – Meaning a practitioner of witchcraft. Wicca – Meaning old English word for male practitioner of witchcraft. Wicce – Meaning old English word for female practitioner of witchcraft . Occultist…

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Actinolite or The Starry Stone

Originally posted on Anima Mundi Crystals:
Actinolite or The Starry Stone is a member of the amphibole silicate mineral family. It comes in many shades of green and forms in needle like crystal formations. Spiritually : The actinolite supports us…

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