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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Originally posted on Honey & Wildfire Herbs:
Quick & Brief History Over 300 years ago the Himalayan Mountains were covered by an ocean. When the ocean dried up, it left behind a deposit of mineral rich salt. As the mountains…

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Obsidian or The Warrior’s Stone

Originally posted on Anima Mundi Crystals:
Obsidian or The Warrior’s Stone, has a volcanic origin and forms after a very quick cooling of lava rich in silica acid.It was discovered in Ethiopia by a Roman explorer by the name of…

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Magic Is Good, Until It’s Not

Originally posted on THAVMA: Christian Occultism and Magic in General:
“Now thaumaturgy and natural magic are in themselves good and lawful, as any art is of itself good. But it may happen to become unlawful: first, when it is done…

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