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WHEN TO CAST Those wonderful little things called Spells used for Centuries by some very cunning people A Spell can be simple Written out thrice as a Charm on a piece of Virgin Parchment Paper Folded 9x Then burned in … Continue reading

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Cardamom – The Queen of Spices

Originally posted on esotericaroma:
Native to certain parts of India, the spice has been popular for 5000 years and is referred to as the “Queen of Spices”. The use of this spice is mentioned in the Vedic texts and the…

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The 4 categories of magick: Pyrosophic, Geosophic, Hydrosophic, and Aerosophic

Originally posted on Wolf Of Antimony Occultism:
Introduction: This is my paradigm for understanding and for categorizing Magick especially when pertaining to learning the practices, and understandings of it. This paradigm of categorization is inspired by the 4 classical elemental…

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Originally posted on Sentient Witch:
Correspondences A lot of people make this far more complicated than it actually is and many people do not fully understand the aims of these so in turn do not really benefit form the power…

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Fire Opal or The Conqueror’s Stone

Originally posted on Anima Mundi Crystals:
Fire Opal or The Conqueror’s Stone is formed primarily trough the solidification of the magmatic gels of silica acid in the volcanic regions with hot springs and gheizers. In mythology the fire opal is…

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Originally posted on The Sisters of the Fey:
Image courtesy of Lucie Stastkova Have you been experiencing changes in your body and/or behavior that you cannot explain? At times, do you find yourself in the throes of anxiety or depression…

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Great news in the 2018 Budget: America’s wild and domestic equines will be saved from slaughter and destruction

Originally posted on Straight from the Horse's Heart:
BREAKING NEWS!  In the 2018 Budget, AMERICA’S WILD AND DOMESTIC EQUINES WILL BE SAVED FROM SLAUGHTER AND DESTRUCTION! Thanks to all of YOU for making the many phone calls, sending faxes…

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