O Dark Mother


Spiral Wound

(Abbi Spinner)

O dark mother, lead me inward
down to the cave of my heart.


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Element Cards


Spiral Wound

I made this set from clip art I found online that seemed to go together well for the kids who are just starting to learn. They come with and without word labels. They are 2″ x 3″ mini cards that can fit into a 3.9″ by 2.45″ rectangular hinged tin.

Element Cards Screen Shot

Element Cards PDF

You can print them on white card stock.  if you would like the plain grey backs, flip your paper over and print the plain background on.

Laminate and cut out.

Choose your cover image and print on plain white paper.  Cut out and glue to tin with rubber cement, white school glue, or tacky glue.


element cards tin

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New Moon 0° Leo  – July 23, 2017 5:46am EST


Tarot by Cecelia


It is not uncommon to give and give of yourself until you forget who you are and wind up disappointed and feeling as though you are on the short end of the stick. This New Moon is your opportunity to find that wiggle room to break free from the betrayals which have brought so many sad days in recent years and reclaim your life once and for all.

This New Moon is at 0° Leo and brings with it a powerful start, representing some form of new beginning for you. Now it is possible to reverse your situation, without going backward, and to find what it takes to totally turn your life around. This time, you are going to arrange things in such a way that your priorities are met and you do not wind up disillusioned and on the defensive.

You are being guided toward the change and the…

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Red Raspberry July 23 to August 22 {Medicine Wheel Plant}


Good Witches Homestead

Reminds you to be grateful for all of life’s ups and downs.
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Powers: Protection, Love


Raspberry leaves contain very powerful, nurturing magic. They are connected with the Great Earth Mother and will remind you to love and honor your family and community.

The brambles (branches) of the raspberry are hung up at doors and windows for protection. This is also done when a death has occurred so that the spirit won’t re-enter the house once it has left.

Raspberry is served as a love-inducing food, and the leaves are carried by pregnant women to alleviate the pains of pregnancy and childbirth.

To protect your home and all who enter, hang some dried raspberry leaves over your front door. You can also scatter a few handfuls around your property to attract love and good luck.


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Good Witches Homestead

The particular color of a garnet specimen will determine its exact effect, but garnet will always work to focus and activate. Red garnets are best for energizing stones for the body, speeding up all processes and amplifying the effects of other stones placed nearby.

Other Varieties of Garnet: Andradite. Grossularite. Hessonite. Melanite. Pyrope. Rhodolite. Spessartite. Uvarovite. Red Garnet.

Energy: active, energetic, unfocused

Colors: deep red translucent to deep emerald green, shades of yellow and brown

Uses: Garnet can be employed for prosperity, physical strength, love, passion, imagination, the flow of ideas, friendship, and creativity. Garnet benefits the circulatory system. Helpful for accessing past life and future life experience, good luck in business, cultivating compassion, calming anger, and sharpening perceptions.

Star Sign: Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Element: Fire
Chakra: Heart


Wear garnet to boost your vitality and make you more attractive to the opposite sex

Put a garnet crystal…

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Justine Damond Shot Dead by a ‘Black Cop Somali Affirmative Action’ Hire – Cowards ARE Cowards


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Minnesota About To BURN After Mob Of Somali Muslims Take Over Neighborhood And Force HELL On Women ⋆ Freedom Daily

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