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Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 9-23-17


Today's Journey Tarot Blog

9-23-17 Today’s Tarot is the Father of Fire. This day is full of successful energy. Attract it to youself by focusing your passion toward your goals. This card is about power and success.

Teresa Sue McAdams

father of fire

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Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of September 25 through October 1, 2017


Tarot by Cecelia

As we bid goodbye to September, and usher in October, this week sees Pluto go direct, thus ending its yearly retrograde. On that same day, there will be an aspect which is the final opposition between Jupiter and Uranus. Push is finally coming to shove, and you want outta here! Listen to my Weekly Tarot Guidance below:

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Artwork Credit: Holly Broxson

Last Week’s Tarot Guidance:

September Love and Finance Tarot Guidance on YouTube:

October Love and Finance Tarot Guidance:

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Witchery Wednesday

We are not scattered, we are restless.

The weather, the world.
All of it, cluttering up our heads.

We need both more and less focus.
We need more time, and more caring hands on the time we have.

All of this chatter, all of this noise.
All we want are fallen leaves.

Jumping, swishing.

A russet pile to lie in and watch the clouds float by.
To insulate while we nap like woodland creatures.

And finally recharge.

DSCF1032 (3)

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Erichtho’s Moon- Sowing Seeds and Gathering Hellebore Root



“Hekate imparted to her followers the witches one single and sovereign science- the use of herbs.”- Jacob Rabinowitz “The Rotting Goddess”


The Toad Nights have come again with broken promises of rain and plenty of heat. I can feel the spring tides or “The Turning” in my bones, it is like an awakening. It reminds me of the night The Toad Swallowed the Moon, and I watched the Moon turn red . The Turning is here, and I have begun some sowing and planting for the season.

So as to not jinx my plans, knowing full well how easy it is to be struck down by Nemesis, I will not utter the names of the seeds I have planted. Instead I carefully tend to them with patience, and delight in the progress of my established plants- including my Datura, Aquilegia, and Hellebore.


Harold Roth tells us in “The Witching Herbs”…

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The Witches Web Newsletter 24th September 2017



The Witches Web Newsletter

Contents 24th September 2017

Witches Web Members Birthday Greetings – Words of Wisdom
Something to make you laugh from Sandra’s Smiles – Moonwolfs Inspiration – Trees –
Your Horoscope- What Makes Virgo Tick – Competition for a signed copy of Book of Spells


This week Happy Birthday Greetings go to

Bernadette D – Trueblood Hall – Cecelia Francis-Lynch – Roman Nikko B. Leyva –
Edele Browne – Monique Moana Davidson – Joanne Smith – Margo Boyes – Louise Hall

Members who are registered on the Witches Web mailing qualify for the free Birthday Gift I will send you a signed copy of one of my books but don’t forget to email me your postal address and make your choice from one of the following books.
Book of Spells, Book of Tarot, The Witches Companion, Psychic Powers, Book of Runes, The Little Book of…

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