Elite Shungite – The Stone of Life – esotericaroma


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Plants For Pain – Scarlett Says


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Ozark Encyclopedia – P – Pawpaw – Mountain Man Traditional Healing


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Watch “The Story w/ Martha MacCallum Friday, February 16, 2018 Fox News” on YouTube

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Sometimes we share in a great sadness that comes when we are married a long time or when we are with someone forever

That state of being in love…

Adoring that unique human being

Caring deeply

Feeling protective

Romancing that individual

Knowing how deep their soul is

That wonderful sensation of being in love has withered away


Lie dormant

Without emotional vibrancy

Without a complete sense of aliveness

Without being brilliantly fully aware

Let’s just say…

That poet inside of us falls asleep

It can make us feel poorly almost like we are neutered!

Sometimes it is necessary for two people who love each other to restore the bits of themselves that are filled with


…and fall in love all over again

This Love Spell is an Olde Czechoslovakian one that is sure to grab the attention of the one you love

Get 5 ChestNuts and a long single piece of red string

Bind the ChestNuts to each other knotting the string 3 times between each ChestNut

As you tie each knot say:

I make this knot
To share the heart

Speak the name of the person

Neither sleep nor rest
Til you share with me your best

Make sure the ChestNuts are well binded together so they don’t fall loose

Keep the ChestNuts to hang somewhere in the house but very much out of sight

Fulfill your thirsty temptations just as a desert traveler’s need of water

Bring your imagination forth to help procure the Spell

For if there is no integrity in your caring there will be a lack of feelings in the love you share

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Winter Jasmine Lore – Good Witches Homestead


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Nicolas Cruz


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