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Goodnight Moon Spell

Originally posted on DragonSoul Magic:
magickspellrequests: Goodnight Moon Spell A tarot card spell that will help you get closer to the moon ūüĆô Perfect for moon/lunar/astrology witches! ** name based from the book Goodnight Moon ? What you need ‚ú®…

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Originally posted on The Wonky Pot Apothecary:
Catnip Botanical Name¬†Nepeta cataria L. Other Names,¬†Catmint, Catswort, Fieldbalm, Katzenminze (German), Hierba Gatera (Spanish), Katteurt (Danish), Cataire (French). Family¬†Lamiaceae Ayurvedic/ TCM Name¬†jia jing jie,¬†Mao Bo He Meridians:¬†Stomach, Lungs Key TCM Actions & Medicinal…

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How to unlink from linking sigils

Originally posted on Wolf Of Antimony Occultism:
Linking sigils are a special type of sigil that have very interesting, and useful utility. These linking sigils are connected to other forms of itself through a magickal link, because of this linking…

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Great news in the 2018 Budget: America’s wild and domestic equines will be saved from slaughter and destruction

Originally posted on Straight from the Horse's Heart:
BREAKING NEWS!¬† In the 2018 Budget, AMERICA’S WILD AND DOMESTIC EQUINES WILL BE SAVED FROM SLAUGHTER AND DESTRUCTION! Thanks to all of YOU for making the many phone calls, sending faxes…

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A Bryneglwys Man inveigled by the Fairies

Originally posted on The Commentary Gazette:
THE COMMENTARY GAZETTE ¬† The following tale I received from the mouth of Mr. Richard Jones, Ty’n-y-wern, Bryneglwys, near Corwen.¬† Mr. Jones has stored up in his memory many tales of olden times, and…

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EARTH WISE FULL MOON VIRGO SPELL TO GROW 1 white letter size envelope 1 seed packet Handful of Earth gathered under the Full Moon in Virgo Go outdoors when the Moon is Full where you live Dig in with your … Continue reading

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Soon we will be into that time of year to plant vegetables fruits and herbs Or purchase house plants for the landscape patio or indoors Here is a simple plant blessing to help them on their way to beautify enhance … Continue reading

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