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WHEN TO CAST Those wonderful little things called Spells used for Centuries by some very cunning people A Spell can be simple Written out thrice as a Charm on a piece of Virgin Parchment Paper Folded 9x Then burned in … Continue reading

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Time for some Steampunk

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https://youtu.be/jvipPYFebWc And just to keep you going: https://youtu.be/yeEI-hh3MG0 LOVE Abney Park. Straight up. And if you liked this: https://youtu.be/L2W7r_aNxrg If you agree, buy their album(s). And then there’s that movie that I get off…

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Effigy binding. – The magic dandelion


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HOW WILL I KNOW ITS THE MAGICKAL ONE It was very subtle at first This transformation I had to undergo An attitude change A development of the mind Adjusting of my endorphin levels To begin to take me to a … Continue reading

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IT FELT LIKE NATURAL MAGICK A Spell…well…it is just letters that form into many words of the once ancient writings of our ancestors An achievement of sorcery or was it the witchery of mental therapy reversed with a few added … Continue reading

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Should I make an attempt to give you exact instructions Or shall I let you choose your own methods Allowing you to experiment with the spells with the ingredients with the energy to find your most convenient way to achieve … Continue reading

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FULL MOON in TAURUS This Full Moon in Taurus brings with it Determination Focus Grounding Add these qualities into your life of Romance Profession Emotions If you make a “promise” to someone at this time you better keep it so … Continue reading

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