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SPELL Sometimes we share in a great sadness that comes when we are married a long time or when we are with someone forever That state of being in love… Adoring that unique human being Caring deeply Feeling protective Romancing … Continue reading

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CRYSTAL MINERAL and WOOD These Natural Elements hold some very inherent powers Keep in mind… That rough pieces of metal and rough pieces of wood work better in the Casting of Spells than smooth pieces Leave them in their unrefined … Continue reading

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EMANCIPATION It was told to me… They were uptight about a perfectly healthy female wanting to emancipate herself sexually I believe they were just downright jealous of it He was enticed with my magickal charms that induced in him a … Continue reading

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HOW TO CATCH A MAN This Spell exercises the powers of your concentration It requires the mind to focus over a period of time on the intended victim To forcefully project your magickal connections into your most desired intentions That … Continue reading

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BOOK OF DREAMS What moves our lives? Intelligence Or rather the emotions of the unconscious mind that motivates us Do our dreams develop into our personalities Does our primitive urges leave us with consequences Are we rewarded by acting out … Continue reading

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SEDUCING a VICTIM There are Poisons that blind you There are Poisons that open your eyes There are Poisons that I can Conjure to make you speak the Truth A Poison to stimulant you like an Aphrodisiac and A Poison … Continue reading

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FULL MOON in TAURUS This Full Moon in Taurus brings with it Determination Focus Grounding Add these qualities into your life of Romance Profession Emotions If you make a “promise” to someone at this time you better keep it so … Continue reading

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