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FRAGRANT OILS to ANOINT the BODY That will drug your senses Induce visions of Ancient times While you get in touch with the SuperNatural side of your being The Oils can act as Aphrodisiacs Bindings Spiritual Influences Attracting Good Fortune … Continue reading

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HISTORY and MAGICK It will be the biggest and best Total Solar Eclipse in American History As the Eclipse is only visible from the USA it has given many starving Businesses a good healthy and positive shot of income Hotels … Continue reading

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NEW MOON with a TOUCH of LEO It will be the beginning of some hard work on the agenda for this coming New Moon …so keep that in mind when you are putting together your goals You just might experience … Continue reading

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ART OF FRIENDSHIP AND THE SECRET TO POPULARITY In order to gain new friends an effort on your part must be made Keep a cheerful smile on your face at all times Make yourself attractive so that others notice you … Continue reading

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MAGICK and COOKING This aromatic plant is used for both cooking meals in the kitchen as well as for the protection from the magickal arts for your home It’s the type of herb that creates a magickal no fly zone … Continue reading

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CHEMICAL MAGICK Many describe the Mandrake Root as resembling the human shape of the Male and of the Female and in some cases certain body parts Using the Mandrake Root will exercise control over the body The Mandrake Root is … Continue reading

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RECIPE and METHOD As you blend visualize your desire Speak a few words of what your intent is Focus extra effort of your energy All to enhance the incense for your magickal work Take a few moments to think about … Continue reading

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