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TO INSPIRE THE MIND and SOOTHE THE BODY All to be blended well then poured into a Ceremonial Goblet or Chalice FOR BEAUTY 1oz apricot brandy 2oz sweet maderia wine 3 drops almond extract INTELLECT 1oz green mint cordial 2oz … Continue reading

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BUBBLE BUBBLE TOIL and TROUBLE COCKTAILS CHRISTMAS WINE 2 gallons red wine 1 bottle of port 1 pint brandy 1 lemon stuck with cloves Grated tangerine peels Pinch of each Ginger Mace Nutmeg Cinnamon Combine in a large Cauldron all … Continue reading

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SEDUCING a VICTIM There are Poisons that blind you There are Poisons that open your eyes There are Poisons that I can Conjure to make you speak the Truth A Poison to stimulant you like an Aphrodisiac and A Poison … Continue reading

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BREW and DRINK Wine it comes from the grapes grown in the soil on this earth It gives you a sample of the essence of the spirit of nature So in the end you become a part of that land … Continue reading

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GOTHIC STYLE There was this bittersweet feeling as Summer began to come to a close leaving behind its warm late night gatherings with friends under the stars beneath those bright full moon evenings Losing daylight… A time to release bad … Continue reading

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CEREMONIAL DRINKS During certain Rituals or for whatever your specific purpose is spiritual mixtures are blended together A very good effect to Inspire the Mind Bring Awareness Soothe the Savage Beast Into a State of Well Being Concoctions to blend … Continue reading

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a BLISSFUL HERB Damiana has gained quite a bit of fame as its reputation as a popular and potent herb for the “mood” Its calming and euphoric effect it has on ones well being with Worn out nerves Depression Aphrodisiac … Continue reading

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