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CAPTURE THE WIND TOOLS: 1 Witch 1 Witch’s Broom 1 Brown Glass Jar Handful Sea Salt We do this Ritual to Capture the Wind for its Strength Fierceness Power Doom Revenge On an extremely Windy Day go outdoors with the … Continue reading

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♠ IF YOUR LUCKY ENOUGH ♠ As you travel through Friday the 13th keep yourself alert to the finding of one Black Bird Feather The Feather must be all Black with no trace of any other color It can be … Continue reading

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PSYCHIC NOISE The various Tools we use in WitchCraft just may hold and contain imbedded psychic noise Vibrations of one kind or another This takes place from using the Tools or from other people touching and handling them They leave … Continue reading

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Agave Lime

Originally posted on Jennifer's Handmade Soap:
Yum!  I’m a citrus girl.  So, I am naturally pulled toward these scents, but this one is definitely finding a home in my shower!  I love the design of this one.  It too…

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ZODIAC and MAGICK ARIES: Headstrong Aggressive Power Energy Looking for Identity Desire to be First Fearless METAL: iron GEM: ruby CANDLE COLOR: scarlet INCENSE: geranium ELEMENT: fire 🗝 TAURUS: Stability Fidelity Truth Contentment Searching for the meaning of Life Practical … Continue reading

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Return to Normal Balance this Heart Deosil turn Upheaval to part Knowledge is the Truth I seek Make me Strong Never Weak Your Soul will not Harbor falseness in Pride I shall take the High Road with my Ego in … Continue reading

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