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BRINGING YOUR MAGICK ALONG ON THANKSGIVING 💛 a MAGICKAL THANKSGIVING With bundles in hand I walked in the door and every head did turn Along with my magick those non the wiser my secret they did not learn Sun was … Continue reading

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LEARNING HOW TO BE COMFORTABLE IN MY OWN SKIN I first started believing in myself rather than something higher than myself Parts of me were like the torrent of a violent storm The very posion your Mother told you to … Continue reading

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Should I make an attempt to give you exact instructions Or shall I let you choose your own methods Allowing you to experiment with the spells with the ingredients with the energy to find your most convenient way to achieve … Continue reading

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DRAGONs BLOOD is worth learning about and getting to know the full understanding of its purpose and how to use it properly It has many magickal and ritual uses One may used it to cleanse yourself away from negative influences … Continue reading

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I had limits on myself because I did not want to face my fears This thing I had inside of me called fear of what could happen caused for my life nothing to happen Thinking Thinking Thinking Did not overcome … Continue reading

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FULL MOON in TAURUS This Full Moon in Taurus brings with it Determination Focus Grounding Add these qualities into your life of Romance Profession Emotions If you make a “promise” to someone at this time you better keep it so … Continue reading

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FULL MOON It seems that it is believed that the scent of oils have a very curious effect upon people Oils that drug our senses Induce spiritual visions Stimulant the heart just like an aphrodisiac 🌹 GARDENIA OIL: is a … Continue reading

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