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Always Label Your Herbals

Originally posted on Make Herbal Remedies:
This is not just nice to have but it is very important – you need to remember what you do and how you did it so you can do it again. Make a note…

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House smudging for blessing/cleansing

Originally posted on Just a Witch:
Note* Doing a separate post for prayers. Sage House Cleansing A house cleansing is something that can be done in any tradition. Forcefully tell the entity to leave.  This is often required if spirits…

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How to use a Pendulum

Originally posted on Ankur Gems:
A very brief history of pendulums Pendulums have an amazing range of uses and have been employed by many different cultures for thousands of years. The oldest known recorded pendulum use is eight thousand years…

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Sacred Spaces

Originally posted on Craft of the witch :
The power of a sacred space in your practice is important to your spiritual sanity! Or balance, whichever you prefer to name it. I’ve started calling it “spiritual sanity” because when I am unbalanced…

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Dancing To The Devil’s Trumpet

Originally posted on Black Earth Oracle:
Made a new acquaintance this morning still wet from the morning dew. Datura Stramonium is growing rampant and I have been getting to know her little by little. I have been showing a lot…

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Originally posted on Les Ales del Corb:
A small film for the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic as part of their 2016 exhibition ‘Glitter and Gravedust – Halloween Past & Present’. The film looks at a variety of traditional divinatory…

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There is no time (Kellianna)

Originally posted on The Singing Witches:
There is no time but now There is no place but here In the sacred we do stand In a circle hand in hand

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