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On Sages and Smudging

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Originally posted on Tabatha Land:
     Dried herbs have been burned for ages to rid people of negative energies, to cleanse the sacred space of our homes, and perfume a divine temple as offering to Gods and nature deities. We burn…

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Elemental Altar for Earth

Originally posted on Cunning Witch:
In addition to my main working altar (I’ll talk about this in a later blog), I also like to have Elemental Altars. I’ve had many incarnations over the years. Sometimes I have all of the…

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Making Spell Candles

Originally posted on The Witch Hecataine:
I have a lovely witchy friend “E” who I follow and chat with on IG.  Like many other people around the world she had a tough time in 2016. But the strength she showed throughout…

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Black Salt

Originally posted on The Witch Hecataine:
A few months back I made up a batch of Black Salt. Salt is great for protection work, but Black Salt is superb for protection and banishment. I researched a few different methods of…

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