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Dark Moon Magick – Witches Spell Bottle

Originally posted on The Witch Hecataine:
Spell bottles, also known as “Witches Bottles”, have been in use in England since at least the 1600’s. They were often ceramic vessels, filled with hair, nails, and even urine or blood. They have…

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Banish Blues & Think Pink With A Drink

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Originally posted on The New City Witches Cocktail Coven:
Blue Monday is more than just “the first 12”record I ever bought” for every single male of my generation without exception – it’s also the 3rd Monday in January, and is…

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10 DIY Herbal Tea Recipes

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Originally posted on The Purple Almond:
When discussing food as medicine, herbal tea is an excellent way to immerse your body in healing and rejuvenating anti-oxidants, micro-nutrients and phytonutrients.  Making your own herbal blends is the best way to do this.…

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Originally posted on Journal of a Witch:
I use Sigils in many of my spell and witch crafting. My two favourite forms of working sigils are the Magic Square of Saturn and the Witches Sigil Wheel. Both allow you to…

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Making Spell Candles

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Originally posted on The Witch Hecataine:
I have a lovely witchy friend “E” who I follow and chat with on IG.  Like many other people around the world she had a tough time in 2016. But the strength she showed throughout…

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Black Salt

Originally posted on The Witch Hecataine:
A few months back I made up a batch of Black Salt. Salt is great for protection work, but Black Salt is superb for protection and banishment. I researched a few different methods of…

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